Light Night

Lights at home, at Night….

Experimental I made while I had writers Block…


Self Evaluation

 It may not have seemed like I was working hard this semester, but working on my short film has easily been the longest and hardest project I have ever done. I’ve easily spent well over 100 hours in total(writting,filming,editing), working on it. The worst part is that I’m still not satisfied with my work…

 I know I show up late to class or I’m absent on numerous occasions, but the effort is there. It’s just that I have an iMac at home and I prefer working at home. Also, I don’t have the money to buy a portable firewire hard drive. If I did, I would be working at home and at school, because I appreciate the criticism and I would be able to modify my short film on the spot. Sometimes I actually try to attend class, but I was filming or editing the whole night before that I just could not wake up in time for class… And I want to apologize for that.

  If I could give myself a grade on 10, I would give myself a 9.

 I’m taking myself off one point, for my lack of participation, in the sense that I’m always late and because of my numerous absences.

 I’ve worked so hard and I’ve learned a lot about making a narrative. I have been doing all nighters for the past weeks. My parents are starting to worry about me. I put so much effort into this, simply finding the location, getting my actors, borrowing the equipment and the dolly, buying food and props for the set, going back and forth with borrowing the canon 5D Mkii from my friend’s dad, trying to find a lift to transport the equipment, waking up really early to bring back all of the equipment back and then restarting the whole process 4 times. Even though this is hard works, I absolutely love doing al of this. When I started editing, I just couldn’t stop. I would have to work on an essay, but I would edit all night instead, not because I had to submit the video urgently, but because I simply wanted to, because I really enjoy editing and slowly watching my project and work, come to life. I’m really passionate about filmmaking, but I feel like I wasn’t able to show that to you, and that’s my own fault.

 I took your criticism about my short film very seriously and I changed the whole sound and I tried following what you suggested me to do. I hope the video has improved, but It’s far from perfect and I’d appreciate if you could give me some more suggestions for improving it.